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Audit In Progress

Audit In Progress

Audit In Progress

01. Braintrust
02. Hi-Lights
03. Retrofit
04. Kreative Kontrol
05. Think about carbs
06. Audit in Progress
07. Hatchet Job
08. This mystic decade
09. Lovebirds
10. Reflex
11. Hair and Dna
12. Plenty for all

The band's third record and at times their most violent! Unnatural caterwuling and symphonic turbulence penetrates your ear balls and melts your buttery sweet breads! Do you like to party with monkeys in the crater of an active volcano? "Audit in Progress" advances on the manic pace of its predecessors witgh a feverish excitement found only in extreme sports such as base jumping and moustache riding. The thrilling excitement is barely contained in the digi-grooves of this cd and the lp version will literally have your needle jumping away from the cursed noise. The "Woof Blow Sub" of the band's earlier sound is caffinated and reintroduced. The relentless hammering of yore has graduated.

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