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Dan Sartain Vs. The Serpientes

Dan Sartain Vs. The Serpientes


Dan Sartain Vs. The Serpientes  

SWA 121

1. Trying to say
2. P.C.B 98
3. I could have had you
4. Walk among the cobras pt.1
5. cobras pt.2
6. cobras pt.3
7. Place to call my home
8. Love is crimson
9. Leeches pt.1
10. Lonely Hearts
11. Metropolis
12. Auto Pilot
13. Romance
14. Got that feeling

Riding on a fierce wind outta b'ham Alabammy is the newest sensation on the scene. Dan Sartain represents the axis of ancient souls and the futuristic visions of a man-boy immersed in musical revelation. Dan Sartain VS. the Serpeintes proves that he is connected to the timeless spirit that runs through the first rumblings of rock and roll up to today's avan leanings. Part crooning troubadour, part fierce wildcat, Dan Sartain is a songwriter in the truest sense. From the heart aching melody to out of control lunacy, Dan is possessed by a power of unknown origin.

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