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Introducing the Sounds...

Introducing the Sounds...


Introducing the CD's of the Husbands

SWA 120

1. Orphan Boy
2. In the basement
3. Swept Aside
4. Nobody But Him
5. Cadillac
6. I Got Plans
7. Take it or Leave it
8. Deep in my heart
9. I'm Doing Fine
10. Will You Still Love Me
11. Dirty Mouth
12. Better Watch Out
13. We're the husbands
14. There goes my baby

Blood soaked, all woman, garage punk wailing from Fog City, Ca.
Introducing the husbands offers a wide scope of raw, house rockin' sounds. The uplifting power of gospel, get down soul burners, knee bending rhythm and blues pounding, screeching 60's fuzz and punk feedback are all well represented on this amazing debut. As tough as the Shangri La's, as cool as vintage Cramps, as life affirming as the Gories and as lose and wild as Crime, The Husbands offer real substance amidst the hype of retro inclinations. Recorded by John Reis at Drag Racist.

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