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Peel Sessions

Peel Sessions


1. Automatic Midnight
2. No Hands
3. Braintrust
4. This Mystic Decade

Recorded at Maida Vale Studios for the BBC Radio 1's John Peel Progamme.

On their first trip to the U.K., Hot Snakes were asked by legendary disc jockey John Peel to come into the BBC Studios at Maide Vale and record a session for his radio show. The band went in on Oct. 11th, 2004, and cut 4 songs live. The sound that was captured was a realistic snapshot of the Hot Snakes sound with rougher edges and spontaneous energy. Hot Snakes were to be his last guests as John Peel died on a vacation in Peru a week later. The legacy of John Peel expands from the 60's to present day and surely beyond. His will to chanpion maverick music from the underground and to constantly stay abreast with the new noise, made him the antenna to a world of music that usually slips through the cracks. Hot Snakes are grateful to have had the opportunity to be a speck in his massive scope.

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