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Plastic Soul

Plastic Soul

Plastic Soul <b>SWA 114</b>

1. The Real Blue Flame
2. Dirty Soughts
3. Preteen Sexfiend
4. Cooped Up Like A Slave
5. Maximum Detail
6. Are you queer?
7. Barracuda Stomp
8. DEB's Purple Vein
9. Gospel Truth/Thirsty for Some Blood
10. Raw and Bleeding
11. A Road in Sinaloa
12. So Strange
13. Instrument
14. Good, Good, Lovin'

On their second record (and first for swami) The Co-Ed deviants of Beehive and the Barracudas plummet into a universe of kink and perversion. Subversive tendencies are balanced by crafted songs that adhere to the classics structure inherent in the bese music ever made. A pulsating swelling permeates the disc as the greek chorus takes you on a journey into the funky abyss. Recorded by Gar Wood.

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