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Sultans Shipwrecked

1. It meant nothing
2. Try to forget you
3. Shut up and site down
4. Please don't leave me on the highway
5. I can't change
6. Jet lag
7. I just can't take it
8. Too Tough
9. Walk of shame
10. Regret
11. I wanna be with you tonight
12. Peril-ized
13. One way st.
14. I don't care what she thinks of me

The Sultans- Shipwrecked Second effort from what might be the greasiest band in the world. The wall of fuzzy fury has been replaced by shards of ringing, tuneful nuggetry that's stripped of all but its stylistic essence. Shipwrecked is the sound of white hot dissatisfaction within the confines of the pop idiom. Instantly memorable and insanely hummable flash power trio prevails with a mega infectious platter of untimely timeless, hook laden rock and roll. Sing along or be kicked in the nutz by fishy deck shoes. Recorded at the hit maker HQ of Drag Racist Studios.

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