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There's Nothing More...

There's Nothing More...

Theres Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead is a true Frankenstein tour de force. The exhumed corpses of a lost 60's girl group have been implanted with cruel, punk brains and a hickory beat. For connoisseurs of combustible Rock N Roll, Rhythm N Blues, and Garage N Punk, The Husbands create a paint peeling sound full of heartache, and violence. Serve with reverb and feedback. Garnish with blood.

SWA 133 CD
Track Listing:
1. Tell Me Your Love
2. Cut Me Loose
3. Never Again
4. Bar B Q T
5. Get Even
6. Just Aint Right For Me
7. Sha La La Daniel
8. Much Too Late
9. Pretty Lil Baby
10. Nervous
11. B.I.L.L.Y.
12. Make It Right
13. Just Like That
14. Monster Party
15. Look What You've Done
16. Running Scared
17. You Know What Sadie

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